Old Court Cases

If you have an old court case that seems to be keeping you from achieving certain goals, a Certificate of Disposition is available to clear that up. It shows that any court case were involved it is closed.  

Why Would I Need This

If you are applying for a job, the last thing you want is for a court case that is closed to be shown as open. Court records are not always kept up correctly. You can show your future employer this document, so they know your personal matter will not become a problem. Furthermore, you are not looked over for a lucrative job offer because of a court error. Most apartments and rental homes will not let you move in if you have a serious matter pending on your background check. They will need a Certificate of Disposition as well to clear that up. Applying for citizenship is a serious matter. You will not become one, if there is an ongoing case that might be hindering you. If you send in certain information to a company that handles that sort of thing, they can make sure you get the correct certificate to show anyone who needs to see this. Have you broken the law before? This same Certificate of Disposition can show that you have not been in any trouble.

Does It Matter Where I Live

It does not matter what state you live in. You can get a Certificate of Disposition anywhere. Considering all of the serious usages that come with it, that is a good thing. Being able to obtain one without too much of a hassle can be handled by any firm, that specializes in getting these certificates. To have peace of mind, get yours now. You will be glad you did.

     Clients are always in the move trying to find for themselves a good attorney to help with the certificate of disposition and in most of the time you might want to hire a team of experts on matters law. This is very important for any client that is in need of a certificate of disposition. The certificate plays a very important role for anyone who wants to have a clean reputation and indicate that they have finished a case land that they are at good terms with the law. When find yourself in the situation that you need a certificate of disposition, you need to have sometime and look at the law firms that are offering clients such services. the services need to be self-satisfactory and therefore you need to settle for the best once you have paid money.

You first need to look at the years a law firm has been in place processing the certificate, with experience you will know that your firm can deliver as you expect them. If you find a firm that has no experienced attorneys you should avoid such at all means. It will also give you confidence if you have a firm that is well known for handling processing of the certificate of disposition. Instead of going around falling into the hands of wrong firms you need to have a good look of the firm you are hiring for you to get the right type of services for the money that you are paying.


Consultations are part of the process of getting the certificate of disposition. If you can get a place where they are open for free consultation then you are good enough to learn more about the certificate of disposition. The consultations are meant to be free for you have paid for them in the fee that is charged.


Things you need to know on the best attorneys for certificate of disposition

Many are times when you are busy trying to walk the corridors of justice looking a lawyer that will give the services that you need to clear you case. Most importantly the certificate of disposition comes in at this juncture. There are various law firms that are offering the services of processing the certificate of disposition and the clients might not have the right information on getting the best law firm that will make them satisfied with the whole process. There are firms that are new in the legal business and might not give you total satisfaction in the manner in which they may handle your case. To begin with it is very important to go for a firm that has long term reputation with the processing of the certificate of disposition. Having a firm that is well known to have a surmountable experience of the courts and how they handle the certificate of disposition.

Secondly, ensure that you get a fair deal of deal of the price that a law firm charges. Many are times when the attorney might charge you very exorbitantly for the processing of the certificate. However, this can be avoided by checking into the prices that the law firms are charging in order to have the best and pocket friendly prices. In the end you will save a big deal in settling for the attorney offer you the best services.

Sometimes getting a lawyer that offers free consultation on the every step that a client to have the certificate. The consultations are very significant for client to get used into the various steps that are required for them to take and in the long run have a knowledge of how the certificate is processed. Finally have a thorough check of the law firm that you would wish to help you process the Certificate of Disposition.


What is a Certificate of Disposition

A Certificate of Disposition states the status of a court case, or the finalities of it. It is also known as COD. If you go to the Criminal Court or the Spreme Court, they have them available. To get one in New York, you would need to visit the office of the central clerk, where the trial took place. Make sure to bring the fee, which could range anywhere from $5 to $10. Also you need your identification, date of birth, number of the docket. Should you decide to get a COD by mail, then you need to provide everything stated, making sure the fee is in either check or money order form. Plus, if a case happens to be sealed, a written request for permission must be given by the defendant. If you happen to be the defendant, all that is needed is identification to prove who you are.


Why Do I Need This Certificate

There are plenty of reasons why a COD would be of use to you. For one if you need to prove that a case against you is over with, whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, this can keep you out of trouble. Also, it will let the courts know that other cases against your are cleared before a new one can be ordered against you. In the event there are too many cases opened in your name, that will have a severe impact on any new ones.


Are There Any Positive Uses

With a COD, one can apply for citizenship and jobs. This helpful so whomever is entitled to see it, will help you if your criminal background is clear. My advice would be to go and get one. Those certificates can come in handy for you.


A Certificate of disposition is a certified record indicating what happened in a certain crime case. It can be obtained in almost a week by way of email, fax, or regular mail. These certificates can be obtained from the Supreme Court or the Criminal Court at their clerk's office. There is a fee to obtain one, $100.00 fee plus a $10.00 court cost. However, if a defendant on a sealed case is looking for a Certificate of Disposition, they need to bring their I.D. with them and a notarized letter giving permission to get a disposition, plus the $10.00 court cost.

Reasons as to getting a COD:

It shows a back round check on criminal record if you were to apply for a job or to move to a different country. If a defendant was accused of felony or misdemeanor, it will show proof that the case was over. It is good to get one before another case opened up. If you needed to apply for U.S. citizenship, it will do a back round check on a number of arrests, but if the arrests were so long ago, then it may say no arrests were made, probably due to the department of homeland security looking for more closely recent arrests. In most cases, a lawyer may be needed.  

Contact for help:

If there is anything else needed for assistance about COD the Spodek Law Group P.C., in New York City, would be happy to help. If need to call, call at 347-292-8630, they are open 24/7 to answer. They are always pleased to help with any questions due to obtaining a COD.