What You Should Know About A Certificate of Disposition


If you are a novice in being arrested, you may not know what a Certificate of Disposition really is and how it can affect you in the future. Simply said and being as basic as possible, a Certificate of Disposition is a legal document that presents to the reader details of his or her current or final status of a criminal case. There has been occasions of fraud in these types of documents, so the one you receive should have a "raised" seal on the paperwork. If you were arrested and your criminal case was never brought before the court, here are several reasons why:

* The case was dismissed by the District Attorney's Office

* The arrest was later voided by the police involved

This means that the responsible courts in your areas will not have any record of your case since it was earlier disposed of prior to going to court.


How To Get Your Certificate of Disposition


You can personally obtain your own certificate by simply filling out a form you can get online that includes your name, address, city and state, postal zip code, home phone or cell phone and your legal name at the time of your arrest, arrest number and date of the arrest. Also, attach some form of photo ID. The turn around time is usually one week, but rush service is also available. You can pay via check, cash (not advised) Pay Pal and credit card. The cost is usually affordable.


Note: You should always remember that generally an Employer cannot ask you about any arrest, either during a job interview or on a job application. Of course, there will always be exceptions to this rule, but Employers can ask about open criminal charges pending.