Legal Disposition Required

If you have ever, at some period in your lifetime, been involved in a lawsuit - as a defendant or plaintiff or even as a witness, it may have been necessary for you to be summoned by a legal firm to make an appearance for a disposition. This is simply a sworn testimony that can be taken by a lawyer weeks or even months prior to a trial. This disposition can be taken at the law firm office or other location agreed upon by all parties involved. These dispositions are nothing more than providing an opportunity to gather information about the case. Dispositions, for the most part, are given without a judge or jury but you will be placed under oath, as well.


Your Disposition Is A Matter Of Public Record

If you never received a copy of your disposition, since disposition certificates are pieces of information and not considered confidential, it can be viewed in a matter of minutes online. You should keep in mind that if you were convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, the clerk of the court in your area, can retrieve your Certificate of Disposition but the copy won't be free. Many states and counties can provide what you need for $100 or less and if the clerk is not too busy, they can fax or email or deliver in person usually in a day or two.


Note: Due to the rise in crime in many states some companies who specialize in background check services for landlords or to provide information to track down some person who committed a crime. If you go online and contact the correct company you'll be able to reach out and locate almost everything about the person you seek. as well as, tracking down your court records.