When a person is looking for information on a court case they can request a Certificate of Disposition. This certificate is a one page certified report that will state what is happening during a criminal case. The Certificate of Disposition can be requested from the clerk office on a Criminal Court of the Supreme Court. 

 There is a flat fee that has to be paid for the Certificate of Disposition. The current cost for this report $100 plus a court fee. A person can expect to have this certificate within one week after they have requested in and sent in the payment. In addition to receiving an original certificate in the mail a person can also get a copy sent to them in a fax or as an email. 

 A person can find out the information they need on a court case through this record. They can see what the charges are and what stage the case is at. If the court case has ended a person can see the outcome of the case and if there is a guilty party to be found. If a person has any questions about this process there is help. A person can call and ask their questions or they can send a question over email. If a person is not sure that they are looking for or has questions about this legal documentation they can call 24 hours a day , seven days a week for a free consultation.


 When a person is looking for a court processing a Certificate of Disposition can give them everything they need to know in one easy to read report that contains current information.