Certificates of disposition are issued by the clerk’s office in the Supreme Court or the Criminal Court. It can also be obtained from other city courts. This is a vital document that anyone who battled a criminal suit previously should have. It shows the progress of the case and if closed, the certificate makes a statement showing the person was cleared and the case closed. Only criminal defendants or people with notarized permission are allowed to access this court record.

Reasons for obtaining a certificate of disposition

There are a number of reasons that make it necessary to obtain a certificate of disposition. One of the reasons to consider is if someone who was previously involved in a criminal case contemplates a change in life. For example, you may want to apply for a job or rent a new apartment. With criminal records hanging behind you, it might prove challenging to get what you want. You need the certificate to prove that you were cleared and that you are eligible to join other people in normal activities. Even while applying for a license, unsettled court cases, especially if they are criminal in nature, could complicate the process of getting the application approved.

Where to get a certificate of disposition

You don’t necessarily need to visit the Supreme Court or any other relevant institution to obtain the certificate. There are many agents, who can help you to apply for a Certificate of Disposition. These agents will only ask for your personal information like full name, date of birth and location of the court where the case was held. You could also provide details like dock number and date of arrest. The certificate is approved within few days and with it you can start a new life despite battling court cases in the past.