Legal issues shouldn't be feared

The law can almost be seen as the definition of a double edged sword. For the most part the law is there to protect people. It's what sits between a functional society and total anarchy where the strong will have dominion over the weak. But at the same time the law is far from perfect. Even a fair trial will have a chance of an unjust outcome. And it's not at all unusual for the letter of the law to be in some conflict with how things are supposed to work. This doesn't mean that one should feel afraid of the legal system. But it does mean that one shouldn't have blind faith in everything going smoothly. It's fairly common for even the smoothest legal process to have an occasional hiccup. And it's also just a fact of life that bureaucratic red tape can take a toll on any system. The legal system has a lot of red tape and a lot of bureaucracy. As such one should take some care to safeguard himself beforehand. It's why people have lawyers even when they know they're innocent. And it's why one should carefully manage all paperwork before, during and after a trial.

An easy step

One of the easiest things one can do is ensure possession of a Certificate of Disposition. This is a small document which will offer up details about a case. It might not seem overly useful after everything is finished up. But in reality it's a bit of extra insurance in case there's any issue later on. It's a method to get a verified second opinion to vouch for details. But more than that, it's something that can be used at a moment's notice as long as it's been ordered in advance. As such it should be something that everyone looks into after a legal issue arises.