A certificate of disposition is a document that provides you the status of a specific case or if it has been finalized. It is issued by the court and there are many reasons to obtain a certificate of disposition. If you were involved in a criminal case as a defendant you will want a copy of the certificate of disposition. This is leaving you with proof that the case has been finalized and is over. If you have or have had many cases, you will want to prove that the previous cases are closed. If you have multiple open cases it could make you look bad when you show up to court for your current criminal case.

You will want to obtain a certificate of disposition if: you need to apply for a license, are being charged with a criminal case, are trying to rent an apartment or if you are applying for a US citizenship. To receive a Certificate of Disposition you will need to provide your full name, date of birth and county where the case was heard.

Certificate of dispositions are highly important if you have an immigration case. It is important to find out how many times you have charged with a criminal misdemeanor or felony so you can account for each case. Certificate of dispositions will determine where you fall under immigration law. They can be used to prove that you do not have any open cases. If you have an arrest from a long time ago, this document will prove you have been complying with the law since. Certificate of dispositions show what the conviction was and type of crime.