A Certificate of disposition is a certified record indicating what happened in a certain crime case. It can be obtained in almost a week by way of email, fax, or regular mail. These certificates can be obtained from the Supreme Court or the Criminal Court at their clerk's office. There is a fee to obtain one, $100.00 fee plus a $10.00 court cost. However, if a defendant on a sealed case is looking for a Certificate of Disposition, they need to bring their I.D. with them and a notarized letter giving permission to get a disposition, plus the $10.00 court cost.

Reasons as to getting a COD:

It shows a back round check on criminal record if you were to apply for a job or to move to a different country. If a defendant was accused of felony or misdemeanor, it will show proof that the case was over. It is good to get one before another case opened up. If you needed to apply for U.S. citizenship, it will do a back round check on a number of arrests, but if the arrests were so long ago, then it may say no arrests were made, probably due to the department of homeland security looking for more closely recent arrests. In most cases, a lawyer may be needed.  

Contact for help:

If there is anything else needed for assistance about COD the Spodek Law Group P.C., in New York City, would be happy to help. If need to call, call at 347-292-8630, they are open 24/7 to answer. They are always pleased to help with any questions due to obtaining a COD.