First, What Is A Certificate Of Disposition?

A certificate of disposition is an official court document that states the current situation of a court proceeding. Certificates of disposition are used within New York State and the city of New York. They are one page in length. The document will reveal the final status of a case in court if it has been settled. If a court case is still ongoing, then the Certificate of Disposition will have an official court record of the present situation of the case.

For a certificate of disposition to be considered official, it must contain a court seal. It is easy to think of a certificate of disposition of simply being an official summary of a court case. There are restrictions on who can access a certificate of disposition. Only a defendant, their attorney or authorized representative can gain access to a certificate of disposition.

Why Would You Need A Certificate Of Disposition?

There are many reasons why someone would want to obtain a certificate of disposition. One reason could be someone is applying for employment. An employer conducts a background check and sees that the applicant had been charged with a crime in court. The individual can provide proof that the case has been settled with a certificate of disposition. They can also prove that they have been staying out of trouble since then.

Another reason that someone needs to obtain a certificate of disposition could be when they are trying to move into a new apartment. Landlords may conduct background checks and want to know the status of a criminal accusation. The certificate of disposition will provide proof that a case had been thrown out or that a settlement was reached. When applying for citizenship or a driver's license a certificate of disposition can clear obstacles that can arise from a past criminal offense.