If you need to obtain a Certificate of Disposition, you may have some questions about the document and the process of obtaining one. A Certificate of Disposition is a document issued by a criminal court in New York that provides a summary of the outcome of a case. It will have the raised seal of the court, certifying it as an official document.

Is a Certificate of Disposition Available In All Criminal Cases?

If a criminal case has been entered in the court calendar, a Certificate of Disposition for it should be available with the court. This applies regardless of the outcome of the case, whether it resulted in a conviction, acquittal or if the case was dismissed by the judge or prosecutor for any reason.

If a Case Was Dropped by the District Attorney, Will it Be Possible to Obtain a Certificate of Disposition?

If the case was dismissed after arraignment, a Certificate of Disposition will be available. If you were arrested in New York City and your arrest was voided by the NYPD or the case was dismissed by the Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB) prior to a criminal court arraignment, no Certificate of Disposition will be available as no criminal case has been filed. You may instead obtain a letter from the District Attorney's office showing the arrest number, date and a confirmation that no criminal charges were filed.

Why Is a Certificate of Disposition Necessary If Electronic Background Checks Can Be Conducted?

A Certificate of Disposition serves as an official document confirming the outcome of a criminal case in New York. It is seen as more accurate than the results of an electronic background check. This is why it is often requested for immigration or employment purposes, even if the case didn't result in a conviction.