First, What Is A Certificate Of Disposition?

A certificate of disposition is an official court document that states the current situation of a court proceeding. Certificates of disposition are used within New York State and the city of New York. They are one page in length. The document will reveal the final status of a case in court if it has been settled. If a court case is still ongoing, then the Certificate of Disposition will have an official court record of the present situation of the case.

For a certificate of disposition to be considered official, it must contain a court seal. It is easy to think of a certificate of disposition of simply being an official summary of a court case. There are restrictions on who can access a certificate of disposition. Only a defendant, their attorney or authorized representative can gain access to a certificate of disposition.

Why Would You Need A Certificate Of Disposition?

There are many reasons why someone would want to obtain a certificate of disposition. One reason could be someone is applying for employment. An employer conducts a background check and sees that the applicant had been charged with a crime in court. The individual can provide proof that the case has been settled with a certificate of disposition. They can also prove that they have been staying out of trouble since then.

Another reason that someone needs to obtain a certificate of disposition could be when they are trying to move into a new apartment. Landlords may conduct background checks and want to know the status of a criminal accusation. The certificate of disposition will provide proof that a case had been thrown out or that a settlement was reached. When applying for citizenship or a driver's license a certificate of disposition can clear obstacles that can arise from a past criminal offense. 

Legal situations are always important

It should almost go without saying that any kind of legal matter carries a certain level of significance. If it's important enough to involve a court than it's important enough to take seriously in every possible way. That said, it can be surprisingly common for people to really be in need of that advice. Far too often people make assumptions about the law or the legal system that involves a bit too much absolute trust. It's true that the legal system is quite fine tuned and that everyone hopes for the most fair and just results from it. But the truth of the matter is that no legal system is perfect. The law puts a lot of work into trying to weed out human subjectivity and room for misunderstandings. But if people are involved than it's simply not possible for it to be one hundred percent possible. And that means it's often up to the people involved with the case to take some extra precautions.

Be sure to document everything

One especially important task is to properly document everything. Thankfully the courts themselves take that matter quite seriously. But one will still need to put some effort into ensuring that local copies of all of these files exist and are easily accessible. And in particular it's a good idea to obtain a Certificate of Disposition as soon as possible. This certificate ensures that one has a proper record of the case. But it's also important to obtain it simply due to how easy it is in comparison to many other tasks within the legal system. The request itself will usually be filled fairly quickly. And the cost of doing so will usually be quite reasonable as well. This makes it a logical first step for anyone who wants to properly protect their rights. 


Certificate Of Disposition

Probably there is a past case that has already been dissolved but you have an interest in what happened in that particular criminal case. We are here to give you a turn around with the Certificate of Disposition that only takes us one week to provide. We provide solutions to persons who certainly had previously been convicted of cases such as murder, treason, armed robbery among others. We help you get that job by giving you a Certificate of Disposition easily without long procedures.

Why to Consider Us as Your Choice

For over 36 years, we have been helping victims of false incrimination among others get their life. This is by providing them with their right of employment again with the Certificate of Disposition as a proof of the fact. The Certificate of Disposition we offer contains a summary of the case that the client was involved or incriminated in. We deliver the certificate through emails and fax to the clients hence the flexibility of our services.

False Incrimination

We understand that one could be falsely incriminated of murder, the intent to distribute an illegal or controlled substance, aggravated sexual abuse, fraud, burglary. The case could be unintended which in this case the criminal gets a no case to answer or is cleared off the case. An existing history of false incrimination can work to the disadvantage of the criminal in addition to diminishing abilities to get cleared for good conduct whereas they need jobs to survive and for their families. With such considerations, we give you the best platform as a victim of false incrimination or intent, a criminal offense. Our Certificate of Disposition also serves persons who require registration with a board. For example, the medical students for them to be licensed they have to give out the Certificate of Disposition report if needed to. There should be no worries because due to our competence and quality advocates we can give you the Certificate of Disposition at a considerate charge.



Certificate of Disposition is a certified record of your criminal case if any. This is a document issued by a court that specifies the current status of any case present or whether or not the case is complete and contains final disposition.

There are a number of reasons why one may need a Certificate of Disposition. For instance, if you are a defendant or have been one previously in a felony or misdemeanor case, and the case is complete, this certificate is a proof that your case is over or has a final disposition. Sometimes, there are more than one case involved, and in order to work on a new case, all previous cases should be complete and recorded. This is where the Certificate of Disposition comes into picture, which states that the previous case(s) are closed. Certificate of Disposition is also needed when you are preparing for a life changing situation, such as applying for a job, applying for a license/id, applying for the US citizenship, renting a place, as well as proceeding with a new court case.

There are many government offices that will provide the Certificate of Disposition upon request. These offices work with clients from all over the nation to deliver the required Certificate of Disposition for a reasonable fee. The best way to get this certificate is to approach one of these offices, fill out a form with information such as full name, date of birth, address, place where the case was booked, date of arrest, docket number and so on. Once obtained, the original documents will be returned and copy retained for your record. Note that some Certificate of Disposition may contain an expiration date and need to be renewed periodically. For more information, contact your designated lawyer or a criminal defense attorney. 

A certificate of disposition is available by contacting a lawyer in New York City. The certificate shows when you were arrested, what charge was brought against you and how the situation of your arrest was disposed or when you were discharged by the police. The Certificate of Disposition is a document that you might need to prove that you have satisfied the courts of the charges that were filed against you by the police. If charges were never filed against you, you can't get a certificate of disposition. If you were formally charged by the police, you will have a record on file. That record can be misleading if updates are not also posted in your record.
You might need to prove that your case was legally disposed of and that the police are not holding a warrant out against you. That kind of legal proof is what is included in the information provided by a certificate of disposition.

The certificate is a legal document that a lawyer can provide you with that can be used as proof that your legal charges filed by the police were properly disposed of. The best way to get a certificate of disposition is by contacting a lawyer who handles such situations. You may want to get a certificate of disposition to have as legal proof of your police charges having been disposed of if you are planning any activities that require proof of citizenship or of having a clean legal record. The certificate of disposition provides that information and is a legal court document available from a lawyer who can gain access to your police record and any outstanding warrants against you.